Love's Equilibrium

from by Itsinthestrings

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Love's equilibrium

The consistency of human love is never stable. It transforms with every moment given. Knowing that God is love gives our existence hope for greater. Question is, how does it transform you?

Chorus 1

- This tight rope can't keep me from you
- This love test won't drug me, It will
- Push us closer, closer, closer
- We'll fight till the end love won't we

(Orchestration portion)

Choir (latin)

- veniat ad me anima mea
- Veni ad me, Domine
(English translation)
- Come to me my love
- Come to me with love

Verse (fusion)

- The unfortunate imbalance leaves and immaculate Catalyst, leading me to follow like Alice did
- down the rabbit hole, seeking to find a life untold, gambling thoughts over the red or blue pill
- did you ever question why this roller coaster never ended
- from Our build Till the thrill of the shifting
- I guess we'll never know, till then let's use this time to grow

- and as we rise amongst the roses
We will thrive under their noses
- leaving our essence to simply follow the lesson
- provided with every lecture
- have you ever questioned why geometric patterns
- come to an end
- understanding our continuous parallel existence
- Intersects with destines ambitions

- life, either you take it or you leave it
- and way too many times we just leave it
- drunken, open and exposed for the destruction
- caused by meaningless opinions
- transform your own deceptive perceptions
- learn that life is needy
- heart who you are in me
- and that I'll forever keep you beating

- to be in sync is a gift and
- should never be questioned
- learn to pursue it's ongoing nature
- with everlasting ambition, your
- every meaning and purpose birth answers
- to our parallel existence
- so my darling you'll get use to the hate and anguish
- just never change who you are because

Ending chorus

- We are symmetry, we are perfect symmetry (3x)
- Can't you tell we're right

- We are symmetry, we are perfect symmetry (3x)
- Our world won't collide

Verse 2

- You never stay the same, emotions stay then fade
- Away the jumper never sinks, it just (water drop) away
- To you there is no settling, down or up a hill
- Today you hate me then you wanna get Murrayed, Bill
- Cosby didn't understand them, me neither
- Cold as ice when you mad, then a heater
- Why do I bother you ask, because Im a dreamer
- And your ever nature optimus primed me into a believer


from #Transform, released December 2, 2014
Written and Produced By: Jesse "Itsinthestrings" Thompson
All Keys: Jesse "Itsinthestrings" Thompson
Guitar: Jesse "Itsinthestrings" Thompson
Bass: Jesse "Itsinthestrings" Thompson
All Strings: Jesse "Itsinthestrings" Thompson
Percussion: Jesse "Itsinthestrings" Thompson
Drums: Joe C. Elliott III



all rights reserved


Itsinthestrings Indianapolis, Indiana

Music has been the gateway for many opportunities for Jesse Thompson, also known as Itsinthestrings (2ITS). From birth till now, he has impacted many stages with both his musical abilities from his incredible playing to his singing and song writing. His work as a musician, with many artist such as B. On . It Productions (Winners of strange arrange 2014) Kool’s Bazaar, Veritas, and more. ... more

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